MedicalTea® linea terapeutica by TEA®


Since 1934 on the edge of experience


TEA (Elastic Fabrics and Similar) is founded. Production of elastic belts, anklets and segments starts. The headquarters were in Torino - Italy.

The company in its journey in Torino specializes increasingly in the production of therapeutic eleastic stockings and segments. Production leads to the birth of the MedicalTEA line. TEA specializes in supplies to wholesalers and distributors in the orthopaedic field.


TEA moves to Caprie (Torino - Italy), where it continues its production of therapeutic elastic stockings, launching on the market the TEAP antiembolism stocking line.


TEA moves to the actual textile plant in Avigliana (Torino - Italy).


TEA starts the manufacture and distribution of disposable stockings, disposable balaclavas and disposable caps for safety helmets.

2015 e-commerce site begins the direct sale of MedicalTEA® therapeutic stockings and segment line, TeaP® antiembolism stockings and disposable items.


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