Calze a Compressione Elastica Decrescente, Segmenti e la Linea per i Trattamenti Post-operatori a marchio Medicaltea
bust circunference
83 - 88 cm
bust circunference
88 - 93 cm
bust circunference
93 - 98 cm
bust circunference
98 - 103 cm
bust circunference
103 - 108 cm
post-surgery bra
white - 600B
nude - 600D
black - 600N
post-surgery bra
white - 601B
black - 601N
post-surgery bra
Medicaltea © Linea sostegno: reggiseno post-operatorio
The first innovative post-surgery bra, sophisticated and feminine style, designed and created in collaboration with Prof. Stefano Bruschi (Plastic Surgery Director). Designed for women undergoing surgery.
Available in:
1. COTTON: class in cotton
2. SATINETTE: light in elastan e polyamide fabric
»» front closure which avoids barriers at the midpoint preventing lateral displacements of the prosthesis
»» front closure with 5 hooks with matching colour of the bra
»» single seams covered slantwise around half cup so as not to hinder medication
»» four different types of seam, each one for maximum performance of the desired strength

The fabric has been treated with additional hygienic processes..The effect of the treatment is guaranteed wash after wash. It prevents the formation of unpleasant odours, facilitating rapid evaporation of perspiration moisture and combatting micro-organisms which cause mycosis.

The garments are made with attention to detail, to the seams and to the choice of fabrics.
standard sizes
II - III - IV - V - VI
made to measure

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