Calze a Compressione Elastica Decrescente, Segmenti e la Linea per i Trattamenti Post-operatori a marchio Medicaltea

Line of healing socks with Compression elastic descending for the treatment and care of venous stasis.

therapeutic line _ cotton

mid-thigh stocking
single-leg pantyhose

therapeutic line _ microfibre

mid-tigth stoking
single-leg pantyhose

linea post-plaster & post-trauma

therapeutic knee-high stocking

These products, suitable for both men and women, and particulary appropriate for small injuries of the joints and to maintain the results achieved with therapy.

segmen tline

knee support
ankle support
elastic girdle
elbow support

The new product line of TEA is designed specifically for post-surgery treatments.

support line

elastic girdle with velcro
elastic girdle with double velcro
post-surgery bra

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